We love the things which last. So is with our Jewelry. There are certain DIY care steps that you need to take for  your Aabha Jewelry to keep it long lasting.



One of the most important things about jewelry care is to allot a safe home to your jewelry. For your Aabha Jewelry, make sure you store it inside a Zip Lock bag wrapped with a butter paper before placing it in your safe-store or cupboard. This would prevent the dullness of silver. Be very diligent that your Aabha jewellery should be the last thing you wear whilst you getting ready and it should be the first thing you remove.



Who doesn’t love a caring and loving hand on them, such is with Jewellery! You have to be soft in handling your Aabha Jewellery as the pieces are delicate. Kindly avoid direct contact of any harsh chemicals such as soaps, perfumes or lotion with your jewellery, as your jewellery might be rhodium polished or coated, hence to maintain it’s shine you need to avoid direct contact with chemicals.



A time to time DIY care to your Aabha jewelry would be great. You can either do it yourself at home by damping a soft cloth in warm to lukewarm water and adding a soap foam to it and rubbing it gently on your jewelry, or else you could contact us or your local jeweler for touch up or to re-polish it, as somethings are best left to professionals.